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Like I Loved You Video


Hi everyone!  While recording of my follow- up to Falling Up is being finished, here's a video for my song "Like I Loved You".  Hope you enjoy it!



Podcast! Radio! WOO HOO!


There's lots of places to find my songs online these days.  Please support these fine folks who have added some TuT to their rotation!


Eye Rocks Radio

Gay Pimpin with Jonny McGovern

Indie Music Sampler

The iPop Cafe

Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag

Most People Are DJ's Podcast

The Mothpod

Radio Orphans Podcast

Radio Free David


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Check out these radio stations that have added Falling Up!  Head on over and request some TuT!!!  WOO HOO!!!


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Click the giant button below to download Falling Up Pt. 1 on iTunes!!!!  We also hit Amazon, Bandcamp and CD this week!  HOORAY!


Check out behind the scenes photos from the Hangman video shoot!


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Falling Up now available on BandCamp!



The cover art is in! Thanks Troy Cavaliere!




Pre-Order Falling Up: The Pursuit of Life, Love and Happiness Pt. 1


Hi everybody!


I am so excited to let you all know that I am almost finished in the studio with Super Buddha recording my new 7 song EP Falling Up: The Pursuit of Life, Love and Happiness Pt. 1.  It will be out on iTunes in July, but you can pre-order a digital download right here for only 5 bucks!  Click the button to order below and a download link will be sent to your email as soon as the record is finished (next week!!)  Order below!


Track listing for Falling Up: The Pursuit of Life, Love and Happiness Pt. 1


Hey everybody!

Here's the final track list for my new EP set to be released this summer!  I am so excited for you all to hear what I have been working on!  I'll be in touch more with release details soon!  For now, here's the running order for Falling Up: The Pursuit of Life, Love and Happiness Pt. 1:

1. Pain Free

2. Hangman

3. I Think I'm In Love

4. Falling Apart

5. Up

6. Song For A Monkey

7. Like I Loved You





Fundraising madness!


Good news everybody!! I have begun recording my follow-up to Everything!!! As you probably know, recording and releasing an album is a very costly process. I am producing and recording this one myself, but still have a ton of expenses and would greatly appreciate any donations to help cover the studio set-up, recording, mixing, mastering and promotional costs involved. I have set up a PayPal account where you can help in the funding of this new record to be released late 2010. You will receive Exclusive Content in exchange for your donations ranging from autographed CD's to private house concerts, privately recorded songs just for you, Executive Producer credit, and MORE! Check it out on the Donate page!


Happy 2010

Hope this finds you all well! I wanted to give you an update on what is going on! I am hard at work writing and recording for my new record. It should be out by Summer 2010. Some of you were asking for new material , so to tide you over, I posted an acoustic version of a new song "Bravery" that I wrote with Jenna Torres. You can download it free on my music page...and more are coming before the full album drops this Summer, so keep a look out! BTW, Jenna is a phenomenal country singer/songwriter. I am in love with her and her music. You can check her out here! Also, we are having the first reading of the musical I have been working on with playwright Max Hunter "everythingCancer" in February. I am starting a monthly acoustic series at The Hudson Hotel and writing and producing for a few New York based recording artists. Keep a look for my collaboration "Don't Come Back" with The One's on their new album coming this Spring and my song "My Favorite Memory" will be in the indie feature "Violet Tendencies" also to be released this Spring. I'll keep you posted as to any other news as it comes along. May this year bring you all lots of love, peace and brilliant happiness!!! Your buddy, Corey TuT

Internet radio ROCKS!!

Here is a list of internet stations that have started playing some of my tracks. Please support them and go request some Corey TuT! HiddenSanctuaryRadio